Dedicated Performance

Run workloads that require consistent & performant processing power, all day everyday with no CPU steal from noisy neighbors.

Competition-Free Resources

Host CPU resources for Dedicated VPS are not shared. The vCPU threads are assigned exclusively to cores and threads on the physical host

Flexible Bandwidth

Add dditional bandwidth to your monthly quota upon request. Numerous options for different requirements - we're flexible.

Optional Private Networking

Utilize our 10Gbps network backbone with a private VLAN between your virtual machines for unrestricted, private direct networking upon request.

Flexible Storage

Customize the local storage of your VPS & add scalable all-flash storage volumes on request.

12/7 Support

Our experienced support team has no tiers or hand-offs and can assist with any issue, no matter how technical.


Security is a shared responsibility between IPDeploy and you. We control the physical hosts up to the hypervisor and can offer a high level of physical and environmental security with both our compute and storage offerings. You're responsible for making sure your VPS's installed applications are securely configured and patched.